Gym Rental Request Form

Gym Rental Request Form

*Date and use of building must be cleared with the secretary. If you have questions, please call the church office at 765-236-0671 and someone will contact you.

*The gym & kitchen are the only rentable spaces for private party rentals. The fee is $100 for private rentals. Please pay the church office at least two weeks prior to your rental date.

*You must be a member or regular attender to reserve the gym and kitchen. Regular attenders are those who have attended JRCC for a year, 2-3 Sundays per month. Members/Attenders may NOT rent the gym for friends, family members, co-workers, etc. who do not attend JRCC.

*A member wishing to use the facility is responsible for the actions of their guests and must also see that the area is cleaned up and furniture is placed back as it was found.

*Renting party may use the dishes, silverware, stove, pans, etc. However, paper products and table covers belonging to the church may not be used.

*Smoking, drugs, & alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property (inside or out).

*No gambling or profanity.

*Any damage to church furniture, walls, carpet, etc. may result in additional fees being charged.

*Decorating may be done on the night before (with prior consent of the church office) or on the day of the event.

*Private Rentals must be over by 6:00 pm on Saturday evenings in order for us to get ready for Sunday Morning.


After use please:

1.Wipe down all table tops.

2.Trash placed in trash containers.

3.No food left in the refrigerator or kitchen.

4.Dishes cleaned up and put away.

I agree to these policies and understand this is just a request. Upon consideration, I will be notified via phone call, text or email. If further information is needed, I will be contacted immediately. I also understand that I'm responsible to clean up all the spaces/rooms I use, turn off all lights (including, but not limited to the bathrooms), and put everything back in the exact way it was prior to my event.