Ministry Building Use Form

Ministry Building Use Form

Childcare Expectations:

1.Must have at least 2 volunteers per childcare room.

2.Rooms available for Childcare: Toddler Room & Kindergarten/1st Grade Room

3.Please ONLY use classroom snacks when using the room for 2 or more hours. Only one snack per child.

After use: *Please see the attached Cleaning Protocol Sheet*

1.Take out classroom trash containing food and/or diapers to the dumpster.

2.Put away all toys & furniture to their original spot.

3.Wipe down all hard surfaces with a Clorox Wipe or Spray (found in brown cabinet).

4.Vacuum any messes on the floor (food or craft).

Any Questions - Please contact Annie Double at 765-461-7974.


Please Note: The furniture and current set up in the Student Room and Worship Center are NOT to be moved or modified without prior approval. Thank you.

I agree to these policies and understand this is just a request. Upon consideration, I will be notified via phone call, text or email. If further information is needed, I will be contacted immediately. I also understand that I'm responsible to clean up all the spaces/rooms I use, turn off all lights (including, but not limited to the bathrooms), lock all exterior doors, and put everything back in the exact way it was prior to my meeting. *Please see the attached Cleaning Protocol Sheet*


After use please:

 _____ Wipe down all table tops

 _____ Wipe down door handles

 _____ Wipe down light switches

 _____ Vacuum floors (if needed)


After use please:

_____ Wipe down door handles and locks (entry and stall doors)

_____ Spray down urinals and toilets (handle, bowl, lid, and under lid)

_____ Wipe down paper towel dispenser


***For ministry related events, all supplies will be provided. Supplies can be found on the table in the workroom next to the church office and the maintenance closet.