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Beginning on September 13 we will be starting small groups that will last 6 weeks. This year we are changing the way we do our small groups. In years past we made it a part of YG time and everyone participated. The groups were Sermon based and we met according to age and gender. This year I wanted to change things up and have mixed groups dealing with very real, and highly engaging topics.

Elliot and Sara Sullivan - Will be leading a group designed around one idea. God honoring relationships. Most of our students have already witnessed dating relationships, whether personally or watching their friends. What better time to give them principles straight from scripture that help us have God honoring boundaries.

This group will meet from 7-8 PM on Sunday nights at the Church. Mixed group, any age, Only 10 Spots.

**This is not a purity class, Sex will be referenced, however the goal is not to talk solely on not having sex. If you are uncomfortable with your student being in discussion with peers and adults regarding God honoring relationships where the topic of sex may come up, do not sign up for this small group. **

Rob and Devin McCarty - Will be leading a group designed around the study Contagious Christian. Many of our students desire to share their faith, they just need encouragement and ideas that spur their passions. This group will be highly effective in giving tools and tips for sharing their faith in every aspect of their life. They will be challenged and given opportunities to serve and share their faith. Devin is the Outreach coordinator at Judson Road, along with Rob they make a dynamic duo for teaching young people how to share their faith in every aspect of their life.

This Group will meet from 7-8 PM on Sunday nights at the Church, Mixed group, any age. Open Group

Mandee Winrotte - Will be leading a group called Created to Create, where students will talk about who can be an "Artist" and learn how to glorify God through our creations. This will be hands on!!! Feel free to bring a journaling bible, favorite notebook, pens, pencils, stickers, etc. I will have supplies for those who don't! If you love drawing or painting, this is the group for you!

This Group will meet from 630-730 PM on Wednesday nights at the Winrotte's house, Mixed group, any age, only 12 spots.